Trainings and Workshops

At Green corners we conduct Training, Workshops and module based educational programs designed to familiarize participants with practical skills, techniques, and ideas that makes them to acquire a Green Thumb,which can be applied to practical or everyday life. The duration of the workshops is fairly short, ranging from one to several days. Workshops are held by people with experience in the field of Horticulture and Gardening.Limited number of individuals are invited to attend.

It is a great opportunity to form a network of relationships while gaining knowledge and experience from the speaker and participants. Green Corners offers the opportunity for many workshops focused on topics such as vegetable gardening, composting, terrace gardening and commercial farming. We also help corporates in their CSR initiatives so that they meet their social and environmental responsibilities

We paralelly run a specially designed Ecoliteracy program for schools, Corporates, business houses and communities. This Nature-learning project would ignite minds and incline learning in science, environment and conservation of the planet at the same time teaching valuable life skills and lessons.