Garden Consultancy Service

Not everyone needs a complete design or redesign of the garden. This is where a one-off consultation can be of great help. At Green Corners, the designers and trained landscape artists are more than happy to move into the next stage of garden recreation for the client. Discuss your garden with experts to get an idea of what might work, what might thrive in it, and what passions you can bring to life. The design and implementation process at Green Corners is driven by client requirements and is customized accordingly.

Depending on the type and nature of your garden, Green Corners offers expert solutions to help revitalise, improve or radically overhaul your garden. Green Corners has a range of services for its clients, from basic sketches that briefly tell you the placement of hard and soft landscapes to a more comprehensive design that details every inch of your garden drawn to scale, including material choices, plant varieties, and meticulously planned maintenance schedules. And because we understand what you need, the design process enables you to create the space you want while working within your own budget and schedule.

The consultancy services at Green Corners include:

  • Briefing the caregiver about the processes that have to be carried out in order to maintain the garden
  • Demonstration of processes with detailed practical application
  • Assessment of soil, water, climatic conditions, and topography of the area to identify any changes that may be needed to enhance the appeal of the garden.
  • Treatment ideas to achieve good growth and prevent damage to plants from insects and pests and the use of organic pest control strategies to prevent infestations
  • Pruning and mowing techniques to enhance the beauty of the lawn or garden
  • Suggestion of topographic alterations for alignment and arrangement of various plant species based on growth pattern, color combinations, textures and seasonal variations, to enhance the aesthetics