How to Care For Indoor Plants in the Summer of Delhi and NCR?

Vinu Jehoshapat
Last Updated: 15 Feb, 2020

Plants need water throughout the year, but they need it most during growing seasons - spring and summer. But don’t assume that the indoor plants would need more water during the summer. Indoor plants, especially if they are kept in an air-conditioned house, their requirement for water is much lesser.

The water requirement for every plant is different, therefore there is no blanket recommendation that will work for all. At the start of summer season, you should closely observe your pants every day. If you see a slight sign of wilting, that means the plant requires more frequent water. With time you will learn the water requirements for different plants. 

You should also touch and feel the soil in the pot. After a little while you will be able to tell when your plants need water by sensing moisture through your index finger. In fact it's a little tricky because most indoor plants do well even if you leave the top layer of their soil to dry out. The top layer is half to one inch deep. 

So you will need to stick your finger at least an inch deep into the soil to find out the water requirement. If your index finger gets moist from the soil, then your plants already have good moisture to thrive. You don’t have to water your plants more. 

But if the soil is dry, brittle or hard. There is little or no trace of moisture, then your plants are thirsty. They immediately need water to protect themselves from wilting. Plants should never reach this stage. They should be watered before they lose their moisture. 

But as already mentioned, the rules of the games are different for all plants, there are few indoor plants that like to stay arid dry while there are some that need to stay soggy wet to stay in good health. These are exceptions. 

But the great majority of the plants need just enough moisture that can only get your index finger moist.  You should check the pot soil every few days to know the water requirement. Soon you will learn the water habits of your indoor plants and you will be able to water them before the plants become thirsty. 

Just like humans, even the plants get sunburn. Bright hot sun will damage indoor plants and wilt their leaves. It will crotch their foliage leaves. You should routinely keep the indoor plants outside for a few days. 

If you are moving an indoor plant outdoors, choose the time wisely. Move them out during the cooler times of the day. Since the plants have been indoors for some times, place them in the shades to prevent them from coming in contact with direct sunlight. 

During warm climates, the sun has an insidious effect on the indoor plants. If the plants are kept in the sun for only a few hours, they may develop sunburn symptoms hours later such as spots on the surface. By then it's already late and there is hardly anything you can do about it. 

Vinu Jehoshapat