10 Indoor Plants That are Easy to Grow and Maintain

Vinu Jehoshapat
Last Updated: 15 Feb, 2020

There are good enough reasons to have indoor plants besides fresh air and a cleaner environment. They lift your mood, make the surrounding happy and livelier. Adding a touch of nature to your home or workplace brings benefits beyond we can think.

To make the place you spend most of your time greener, you can start by buying a well grown potted plants from a nursery. Place them in strong diffused light corners of the room. Don’t place them in the dark corners. Don’t get over enthusiastic to water them everyday. Instead water sparingly as per need.

Here are 10 plants that you can place in your bedroom or your workplace. These indoor plants require low maintenance and add a touch of style to the overall ambiance of the surrounding. 

1. Aloe Vera

This plant looks beautiful and elegant. It doesn't require much maintenance. You also don’t need to water Aloe Vera a lot. The soil should be slightly moist and the pot should be in a warm place with plenty of light.

2. Lavender

This is a beautiful and hearty plant. You only have to put them in a sunny spot in your room or workplace. Even if you water infrequently, lavender will do good.

3. Snake plant

Snake plants are charming, leafy, stylish and robust. It requires almost no maintenance and can tolerate low light and dry air.

4. Spider plant

Spider plants are popular as hanging plants but you can also use them as potted plants. They survive well on little light and water. They are easy to propagate. You can place the plantlets in water or soil. 

5. Peace Lily

These are stunning beauties that come in white, pink or purple color. They also need low light, moderate temperatures and moist soil, making them a good candidate for indoor plants.

6. Succulents

This one is amazingly versatile and lovely. They bring in an abundance of varieties. The best of all is that they need very little care. They are also good as stand alone feature plants or are great for terrariums.

7. Cactus

Similar to succulents, these are adaptable, varied and strong. Cactus a place and forget it kind of plant. You just have to place them at some corner of your room with enough light and water them rarely.

8. Heart leaf Philodendron

Heart leaf plants are great to be placed in any space, they will do good. They thrive well in low as well bright lights, but just make sure to place them indirect light. Don’t water them too frequently. Wait to let their soil dry out before you water them again.

9. Pothos

These are real beauty and sheer joy as they come in many colors.  They do good in low light, which means they are perfect for darker rooms.

10. Herbs

Herbs not only spice up your food, they also make for great indoor plants. Wouldn't you love to have indoor plants that you can also eat? Moreover, nothing beats the potted herbs for fragrance. You can place them on a window sill in the kitchen and water every other day.

Vinu Jehoshapat