Your Dream Lawn Coming Up: Tips to Steal

Vinu Jehoshapat
Last Updated: 05 Sep, 2019

Wouldn't it be nice to have an outdoor escape not far from your home? How about a place to host parties or where children can play safely and securely?

If you have a lawn, you will be able to have all these and more. It is, after all, one feature that will boost your property’s exterior aesthetics and extend your living space outdoors. You just need to design it the way you dream it.

Steps to design your dream lawn:

Set a goal

You can easily imagine how your dream lawn would look like – flowers here and there, a pergola at the far end, and outdoor furniture at the patio. How your imagination translates to reality, however, may not always be an exact copy, what with all the other factors involved, including the shape of your lawn.

This is why you need to set realistic goals to help guide you in creating a working design. Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Why do you want a particular design for your yard?
  • What can your lawn do to improve your life if it is improved?
  • Who will use or appreciate your lawn?
  • Where would you want your dream lawn to be – a small portion or the entire property?
  • When do you see yourself using your dream lawn frequently?
  • How will people get in and out of your lawn?

Then, think about your routine and your lifestyle. Can you imagine yourself having fun and relaxing in that lawn or is it going to be unused for the most part of the year?  

Draw inspiration from nature

Take a good look at your lawn’s topography. Is it flat or sloping? Does it have more rocks than soil? Is it patchy and dry? Then, think of how you can let nature flow freely within that space. Add turf that follows the shape and contour of your lawn. Work with the slope rather than have it levelled; unless you have a better plan. Plant trees that add shade and block noise from the street.

Create a sense of balance

Although it is your dream lawn and you can practically turn it into something out of a fairytale, you still need to focus on balance, which you can achieve with a well-proportioned design. Even when you opt for an eccentric and unusual landscape, you should keep every aspect and feature balanced.

For instance, one area should be designed for relaxation while the other is where garden plants and features are placed. Avoid jumping from one thing to another, which will result in a patchy and cluttered design.  

Add the perfect focal point

In designing your dream lawn, it is important that you have a focal point that draws attention and makes your lawn design stand out. It can be an elaborately designed fountain, a stunning sculpture, artfully arranged flowers, or anything that will differentiate your lawn from others.

Beautiful Lawn and Garden

That focal point should also help you achieve balance in your lawn by connecting all the different pieces together. Think of a fountain similar to the one in Trevi, which is likely to inspire you to go Roman in your landscape theme.

Still drawing a blank on ideas how to go about this? Why not check out new house plans for inspiration?

Maintain proper alignment

Your outdoor patio can have a table setting that mimics Alice in Wonderland, which celebrates chaos in a beautiful way, but not the rest of your lawn. The lack of symmetry in plants and flower arrangement, for example, will make the outdoor space look cluttered and chaotic, which can be stressful to anyone taking in the view. To make your dream lawn relaxing, every detail has to be harmonious and properly aligned.

Armed with this knowledge, designing your dream lawn will not be as daunting. You will have an idea on how to visualise it and describe it to a landscaper or gardener. They will then create a design according to your visions, but integrated with their skills and knowledge in landscaping.

Think your work is done?

Once your dream lawn is complete and turned into reality, you need to take care of it. Lawn maintenance means keeping your lawn mower sharp and mowing correctly. This also involves keeping plants hydrated, fertilizing the soil, and eliminating pests and unwanted plant diseases.

If you don't have the time or the energy to do all these, you can always hire outdoor maintenance services that include yard clean-ups, lawn mowing, regular tidy-ups, landscaping, and even small paving works and coops & custom builds.

Don’t let that dream lawn die because of neglect. Nurture it with all the help you can get.

Vinu Jehoshapat