How to Choose the Right Pot For Office Space to Keep it Green and Vibrant?

Vinu Jehoshapat
Last Updated: 15 Feb, 2020

Choosing the pot for indoor plants that matches the decor and goes well with the overall ambiance is understandable. But picking the one that is well designed will save you from ton of hassles, and will be best for your plants.

You should broadly look at three things when you buy any pot for your home/office plants - drainage holes, material and the size. 

Drainage holes 

If you are buying pot to keep plants in your home or work place, make sure it has a drainage hole. This will allow excess water to drain out and also promotes better air circulation. 

Having a drainage hole in the pot also means that you will need an additional tray at the bottom to contain the excess water that runs out the drainage hole. 

Many pots made specifically for the purpose of home or workplace are shipped with this additional tray. Though your plants can do well without a drainage hole, you will have to make sure you are watering them only enough not to drown your plant. 

Pot material

Though the pots are available in a variety of materials, the two materials that work best for them are ceramic and plastic. But yet both of them come packed with their own pros and cons. Ceramic is porous, which means plants are less likely to experience root rot or over watering. 

However this also means that you will have to water them more frequently. Plastic pots are lighter, less bulkier, easier to move around and less likely to break. The soils contained in them will take much longer to dry out. 

This is good for those who forget to water their plants frequently. But if you like the idea of watering your plants too frequently, you will have to give it a break and water less frequently. 

Pot size

The size of the pot depends on the size of the plant that it will acquire when fully grown or how big you want the plant to be. But if you just want to follow a thumb rule, and want to buy a pot for the plant that you have just purchased from the nursery, buy one  that is an inch or two bigger than your current one. 

For example if your plant is more than 10 inches, you can buy 2 to 4 inch bigger pot (12 to 14 inch pot). Though it is up to you to choose the size, never make a drastic jump in the size. As I have already said, move up to the next best size that is  2 to 4 inches bigger. 

Never get too enthusiastic and double the pot size. It may take much longer for the plant to grow and fill the place. Till then you will be stuck with an oversized pot for your plant.  

Some plants love having room to spread out. But too much or too little can spoil the game for the plants. If a pot is too big for the plant, it will have to sit in water for too long. On the other end of the spectrum, if the pot is too small for the plant, it can suffer rootbound. 

Vinu Jehoshapat