Equipped with best experienced manpower, knowledge, and experts in plants and landscape maintenance, Green Corners offers the assurance of aesthetic to all landscapes with excellent services, round the year. Our clientele spans across most industries including hotels, clubs, condominiums, commercial complexes, government buildings, hospitals, theme parks, and more.

Our Landscape Manage and Maintenance Services

  We have well-trained and experienced staffs to provide professional and efficient landscape management service that includes gardening, grass-cutting, and tree pruning to keep the environment aesthetically good looking.

  Periodic upkeep and replacement of hardscape features such as retaining walls, pavers, edges, and walkways. Over time the hard water stains from sprinklers alter the appearance of a wall. We clean or replace affect hardscape features to ensure landscaping maintains its beautiful appearance.

  Extra care is needed during spring and fall. During this time excess leaves, sticks, and other materials should be removed in a timely manner. If they are not removed timely and proactively, piles of wet leaves, grass, or other organic matter can pave way for development of potentially dangerous mold spores.

  Certain shrubs, trees, and other softscape features add visual appeal and also provide relaxing shade. But with time they grow and expand leading to overgrowth and spoil the general appearance.

  Each landscape has its own unique characteristics and therefore have different needs. These needs change during different seasons. We have highly trained and experienced lawn care technicians. They quickly respond to landscape's needs to present you with effective options for maintaining healthy garden.

Served 200+ Companies & Counting

We have helped scores of companies become emvironment friendly and come loser to nature. We can help you too!

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Govt of Haryana

Jindal Steel


Escorts Tractors

The Nature Conservancy



Shakti foundation

Apeejay Group (park hotels)

The Alchemist


Super Tech

Mitsui &Co


GEMS Education

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