7 Landscaping Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Value

Vinu Jehoshapat
Last Updated: 05 Sep, 2019

Are you looking for cost-effective ways to increase your property’s value quickly? If you are, then you must know that landscaping is one important method that can potentially raise your home’s worth by 5% to 10%.

The best part about landscaping is that this is one of the easiest home improvements you can make but has the ability to boost your property’s asset value. Moreover, there are experts you can work with and will handle all the project needs.

To know more about how landscaping can boost your real estate investment, here are a few ideas on what you can do.

Edge your lawn

Want to make a good impression? Start by trimming those overgrown grass, shrubs, and hedges to define where your lawn starts and ends. When you do this regularly, your lawn will appear more tamed and restrained. This gives an appearance of low maintenance, which is a very good selling point, especially for millennial homebuyers that don’t have a lot of time to spend on garden care.  

Address problems with plants

Aside from creating an edge, you can also solve landscaping problems by adding more plants, especially if you have a shortage of those. Doing so will help boost property privacy, as these provide cover from prying eyes.

To further increase your asking price, make sure that hedges and plants are installed in such a way that they provide enough barrier and outside noise insulation. Talk to your local landscaping experts for the particulars regarding soil, light, and shade.

Weed and mulch

In order to make your garden appear low-maintenance and well-maintained, weed and mulch the plant beds by using a utility mulch, such as forest fines or pine bark. These are more preferred than sugarcane and Lucerne, which are the usual options.

Experts suggest that you avoid mulches such as Carroll warns and dyed woodchips since these can put off potential home buyers. So opt for utility mulches as those look a lot neater.

Keep plant species to a good number

Having dozens of plant species in your garden may be counterproductive. Although more plants will make a garden looks visually appealing, it might not appeal to the gardener in you or that of the buyer. Because more plants mean more maintenance requirements.

Encouraging biodiversity is great for local ecology and pest control, aside from making your yard look interesting. Just make sure it doesn’t translate to plenty of garden work.  

Lay a fresh new lawn

A real estate that has a lush lawn is good-looking. Especially if you have a spacious area, adding a new patch is a cost-effective landscaping solution. Because of the changing seasons, your grass may turn out brown and the lawn patchy, thus making your landscape look rather dull and uninteresting. You can sow with a lawn seed blend of ryegrasses and fescue for a thicker and greener yard.

With form should come color

Make a great first impression by adding inviting planters at the front door and other entryways. Put clipped topiaries and fill in empty spaces with garden pots that contain flowering perennials to brighten up your garden.

Limit how much pruning you do

When you prune and tidy up your plants and trees, you can achieve great results. A well-maintained real estate is attractive to buyers. Similarly, you do not want to make your garden look like a ramshackle.   

Landscaping is most certainly a win-win proposition for property owners. When you tidy and start greening your home surroundings, its value will increase.  You will also help the environment.

Moreover, a good landscaping design has high-value returns. In fact, according to a Michigan University study, homeowners can gain 109% returns for every dollar spent. So start investing in landscaping today and reap the rewards.

Vinu Jehoshapat