One-time Service

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Whether you are planning to host a party, barbeque or a family event in your garden or looking to sell your property and need to revamp, consider a one-time maintenance service to enhance your green spaces. Green Corners offers a host of one-time garden and plant services. From initial design consultation to blueprint through implementation and site management, we are there to take care of everything. And since it is important to you, Green Corners pays attention to every bit of detail.

One of the common reasons to hire a professional garden service is to seek advice on the treatment of sick plants and trees. Problems could be pests, disease or damage due to animals. Another way could be to get that expert eye on the best placement of patios, ponds and driveways or for perfecting the design for your ornamental garden in your new home. It could be as simple as site placements for garden elements and accessories or for pruning, timely fertilization and compost application. Schedule a consultation with our service professionals now to arm yourself with the best ideas in the industry or to learn how best to take care of your plants.

The professional team at the company has all the horticulture training and experience to maintain and transform a dull backyard into a beautiful and appealing green landscape. And we don’t just stick to basics; we go one step beyond and address your needs to perfection.

Be it mowing, edging, or trimming your lawn or cleaning and weeding your landscape, our one-time maintenance service includes everything you need to keep your greenscape looking fine and dandy.

Our plant doctor services include:

  • Feeding
  • Repotting
  • Pruning and shaping
  • Cleaning
  • A complete analysis and appraisal of your garden
  • Maintenance charter for a full year, with personalized care and focus
  • A complete tree or plant health check
  • Advice on how and where to buy plants and seeds
  • Problem-solving
  • Consultation for your plants and trees
  • Care and treatment for your sick plants