Landscaping Design and Execution

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One of the realms where humans connect with nature is the landscape. Landscaping is an essential art form that promises wonderous harmony in the most practical style possible. It can at best be described as a transitional space in a building - outside to inside. Landscape designing involves influencing natural, social, and aesthetic processes of a property. It comprises the addition of plants, changes to the existing terrain, and constructing new ones. Plants such as ornamental, edible, native, and those of environmental importance are used. Making changes to terrain involves changing the shape of the land through grading, backfilling, mounding, and terracing. Structural changes such as putting up fences, patio covers, walls, decks, and raised planters are also undertaken. Achieving a harmonious transcendence can be sometimes possible intuitively but taking matters to the next level can be done only when serious landscape designing is employed.

Green Corners creates designs that blend with nature and are dynamic in terms of lines, colors, textures, and patterns. They make the landscape usable while adding more vibrance, color, and texture to it while at the same time reducing maintenance costs and carbon footprint. The company's collaborative design process caters to the tastes and needs of its clients keeping in mind the architecture, plant needs, and the conditions of the property. The bespoke designing process involves exploring the clients’ likes and dislikes as well as consideration for the environment.

The company makes use of the best materials and this coupled with sound knowledge of horticulture and technology ensures that the plants not only survive, but flourish in the long run. Green Corners possesses the technical knowhow and resources, all under one roof, for any kind of turnkey projects. The service basket in landscape design and execution includes the following.